Yasu Sugiyama/ Pianist, Composer & Arranger

After graduated fromKeio University (majored in western history) in 1984, Yasu Sugiyama started his music professional career as a keyboardist for one of Japanese popular singer, Junko Yagami. For ten years since then, he supported many Japanese famous pop singers and artists in their recording sessions and tours as a pianist/keyboardist, for example, Miho Nakayama, Kazuo Zaitsu,etc. Also, he had been involved in many music video projects as an arranger and composer.in 1994 He released the first CD "POS1 " of his own band "People of Spirits"
For 2 years since 1995, he had learned at Barkeley Music Institute in Boston. He learned a lot on Jazz piano playing, theories of composition and arrangement from Bob Winter(in Boston Pops Orchestra), Johan Blakeen. After he came back to Japan, he released his second album "People of Spirits 2(POS2)" in 1997, and his first solo album gYasu Sugiyama" in 1999, in which Cris minh Docky(Base), Clarence Penn(Drums) joined. It was honorable that the solo album "Yasu Sugiyama" was selected as one of the best fusion albums in 1999 by Cyber Fusion.com (http://www.jazzfusion.com/), the Japanese largest Jazz Fusion website.
He plays at many live houses mainly in Tokyo, while he supports some Japanese singers as a pianist/arranger. In October, 2002, in his new recording project, smooth jazz giant David Benoit joins as a producer and enhances Yasufs world. Also, Vinne Colaiuta on Drums and Abraham Laboriel on Bass plays in his next CD. The CD"Beautiful Moments in L.A." will be released in coming January 2003. CD order from the United States will be available on this website.

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